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Home Remodel - How to Find a Perfect Architect

Whether you are seeking change from the stale environment, increasing the sale value, or shaping your house into your dream home, you are eventually considering the remodeling of your home. Remodeling a home is a big decision, and it comes with its own set of hurdles. These hurdles can include but are not limited to a tight budget, wrong products or materials, uncoordinated schedule, lack of funding, and unexpected changes. To tackle some severe problems at once, most people tend to hire an architect for remodeling their homes.

How Can You Find the Right Architect?

The four most used methods of finding an architect to remodel your home are:

  1.       Word-of-mouth referrals: Spend some time talking with friends. Let them know you’re looking for an architect. They most likely have had their house remodeled at some point or they know someone that has done so. Tried and tested – this method yields the best recommendations.
  2.       Online Searches: A simple online search can get you a rich list of architects available for work. Some sites even include testimonials from their past clients to help you with decision making. There are search engines dedicated to looking up local architects according to your budget, location, and the type of work you need.
  3.       Leads found from print media: Design magazines, newspapers, and other forms of print media also include contact details of the renowned architects in your town.
  4.       Referrals from other architects: Architects, like any other professions, have an internal network of communication. Sometimes, architects refer other architects to you. These recommendations can also result in the right decision.

Be sure of your goal and vision’s alignment with the architects before you hire them. Before making a decision, know the architects’ interest and availability, schedule, both direct and indirect fees, frequency of meetings, and the duration of the process.


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