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What if I don’t get the answers to my questions here?

No problem. You can get in touch with us through e-mail or phone to get answers to your queries.   Predesign services? Many clients want and need to consult with an architect prior to starting the design of the project to select a site for the project, develop programming for the project, master planning, facilities planning, feasibility studies, and cost estimating. This is a time period when an architect can develop a close relationship with a client and really add value to the total services that the architect will be performing.   Whtat is schematic design In this phase, the architect typically makes a preliminary evaluation of the owner's program, prepares a site plan, a preliminary building plan, elevations, sections, preliminary selection of materials, preliminary estimate of the cost of construction, study models, perspective sketches, and other preliminary representations of the architect's design.   What is Design development: Based on ...

Do you provide sustainable and energy-efficient architectural designs?

Yes, we are highly concerned about the sustainability and energy-efficiency of the buildings. We collaborate with you to integrate elements of sustainability and energy-efficiency into your architecture design. If you want to create a beautiful, environment-friendly, and healthy design, we have the knowledge and expertise.

Is it beneficial for me to hire a professional architectural firm?

Yes, hiring a professional architectural design firm is beneficial for you in several different ways. We perform an analysis of zoning and codes of land use where you want to do construction. This enables us to determine whether laws permit the construction of your envisioned project or not. This allows you to identify limits at the early stage and work within set boundaries. Through our design services, we enable you to integrate creativity into your project. Our expert designers help you in making the best possible use of your space while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. We follow the design principles for both new constructions and renovation projects to give you a unique, functional, aesthetically appealing, and practical design. Our firm has the required technical knowledge to submit building design and related documents, which enables you to obtain a building permit without rejection. During the process of construction, we collaborate with your contractor and inspect ...

How much time is needed for completing the architectural design of a new construction or renovation?

The time required for designing architectural design for construction varies with each project. It is because various factors influence the project timeline, such as the size of your project, complexity, conditions at the site, the design you want, etc. We consider different factors while designing your architectural design due to which the timeline for creating a layout for each project varies. Generally, six months to 1 year is required for completing the drawings and design needed for taking building permits. The smaller renovation or remodeling projects take considerably less time.

Why is it worthwhile to have a professional architectural design with drawings and other specifications before initiating a construction project?

It is important to have a well-documented and properly designed architectural design of the project because it helps contractors and builders in the following ways: Provides a realistic estimation of the project cost. This enables you to evaluate your budget before starting construction. Enables you to determine the schedule of construction before starting it. If there are multiple bids on your construction project, the architectural design enables you to select a suitable proposal based on estimations of costs and time frame. If you don’t have the professional architectural design of your future construction project, you won’t be able to evaluate the time and budget in advance. This creates problems after you have started the project.

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